Friday, February 18, 2011

There Is No Box?

What is beyond those things we take as accepted solutions?

When you start asking a question like this the answer can be startling in its simplicity. All of a sudden freedom is possible, and meaning to life is clearer. There is an energy, a vitality you can tap into when you are free for instance, to end the need to, try and “think outside of the box.” It might in-fact be better to discover, that the box never existed in the first place.  

 Ask yourself, What is beyond the advice I feel compelled to follow? "

A new perspective is available. Acceptance and freedom from internal suffering, doubt, and chatter is possible. For instance when we let go of our incessant need to question ourselves and simply love who we are all our internal judgments and manipulations drop away. All the energy and time we take in distracting self chatter can now be used for more enjoyable pursuits like deeply connecting to those we love.

I have spent over 20 years exploring and creating models of personal and organizational change. Some worked brilliantly, other dismal failures. Throughout it all though was the drive and feeling that we were missing the obvious, that we were focusing on the surface issues not getting to the root of it all which just may be thought itself.

My job as an advisor to CEO’s, business owners and executive teams is to help them answer, unanswerable questions by teaching them to think differently . But to do this requires them to explore the assumptions and language they hold on to as truth.

What truths are you holding on to?

Together we will look at what if there never was a “box”?

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